Disease Inspection, Identification and Remediation

At PrioriTREE, LLC, we offer comprehensive tree disease identification and treatment to proactively maintain the health of your landscape. Our ISA Certified Arborists can accurately diagnose most tree diseases and pests. We stay up-to-date on the latest scientific methods for sustainable treatment plans.

During an initial consultation, we will thoroughly inspect your trees and take detailed notes on any symptoms. We look for signs like spotting on leaves, fungus growth, holes in bark, and dieback of branches. If needed, we will take lab samples for microscopic analysis or DNA tests to pinpoint specific pathogens.

Once we have an accurate disease diagnosis, we educate clients on all effective treatment options. Our priority is finding an integrated pest management plan that is environmentally responsible. We may recommend techniques like pruning out infected areas, applying targeted organic fungicides or pesticides, or utilizing biological pest controls.

For common tree issues like powdery mildew or scale insect infestations, we can usually provide same-day treatment during our initial visit. For complex diseases, we offer follow-up visits to monitor treatment efficacy and make adjustments as needed.

Safety is paramount, so we properly gear up with protective equipment during service. We also disinfect tools between sites to prevent disease spread. Our detailed service reports include photos, our diagnosis, prescribed treatment, and tips for prevention.

At PrioriTREE, LLC, we believe staying ahead of tree health issues is key. That’s why we recommend our clients enroll in our prevention plan for periodic inspections. Early detection allows us to rapidly respond at the first sign of disease. Let our ISA Certified Arborists design a custom disease management plan to defend your landscape investment.

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